The 3D Master Classes (3DMC) bring international experts, this year Tom Mikota from the Florida State Univerisity and Pixomondo & Dave Franks from Jaunt Studios, to present and discuss selected hot 3D topics in a small-group setting allowing for plenty of interaction.

Note that, while the 3D Master Classes are included in some registration packages, it is also possible to register just for them.


Program & schedule


The 3D Master Classes will be given by:


Dave Franks is a 3D/VR Stereo Supervisor & Colorist with extensive experience in Visual Effects, 3D production, and post. Based in Los Angeles, He works at Jaunt VR and with Technicolor, most recently finishing 3D projects including Ang Lee’s “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk”, “Dr. Strange”, and the “Pure McCartney” VR experience. Dave is also a former Stereographer with the Sony 3D Technology Center, where he taught advanced techniques in 3D storytelling to many filmmakers.


Tom Mikota specializes in shedding light on the dark underbelly of creative production. By combining techniques from manufacturing, software development, and large scale 3D film production (“Avatar”), he has developed systems and management processes that allow producers to save astounding amounts of time, and complete more complex projects with less experienced talent. He is currently working in 3DVR as part of his research as a Professor at Florida State University (FSU).  

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