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Festival de Cannes on French Riviera/Côte d'Azur! 3D Stereo MEDIA has selected - for the last four years - this mythical location to launch its 3D season via a short, intensive "3D Workshop", held at one of the most sought-after and picturesque spots on the Croisette, right along the Mediterranean Sea: the American Pavillion (AmPav). Even though the workshop lasts only 2 to 3 h, speakers and attendees fly from all over the world to be present.

The workshop has two parts: a set of dynamic presentations and panels on a specific topic (under the white tent) and a networking reception (on the beach deck, just a few meters from the surf). The 2016 theme is: "Discover the new landscape of cinema: 3D cinematic VR".

The 3D Workshop is undoubtedly "the place to be" at Festival de Cannes for all things 3D!

Whom for?

For anyone interested in 3D, and especially for those interested in the latest development in 3D content and technology.

When & where?

On 16 May from 10 to 12:30 am at the American Pavillion (AmPav) in the International Village of Festival de Cannes, in Cannes, France, just meters away from the Palais des Festivals, the star-worn, red-carpet stairs, and the Mediterranean Sea.

How to participate?

Attendance is free of charge, but advance registration is required. Proper registration is required to get access. To register, please send an email to

How to sponsor?

Interested in sponsoring the 3D Workshop and thus being visible at Festival de Cannes? Then, consult the Sponsoring page.


Discover the new landscape of cinema:
3D cinematIC VR

1. 10:00 am - 11:30 Am: PRESENTATIONS AND Q&A

  • Part 1: 3D Cinematic VR

- VR, HDR, and the movie industry: the global forecast,
Jim Chabin (Advanced Imaging Society, USA)

-The making of 3D cinematic VR: production of "I Philip"
Antoine Cayrol (OKIO-STUDIO, France)

- Constructing reality virtually: directing, storytelling, and developing "mise en scène" in stereoscopic 360°
Jason Goodman (21st Century 3D, USA)

- VRX: how VR experiences for entertainment are driving the next billion dollar platform,
James Knight (Alliances, American Micro Devices, USA)

- Title to be announced,
Guido Volotlina (Nokia Technologies, USA)

- Panel discussion, with Q&A: How to get involved in the next wave of 3D entertainment?
Moderator: Jacques G. Verly (University of Liège, Belgium)
Panelists:  All speakers above

  • Part 2: 3D Guild and 3D Stereo MEDIA

- 3D Guild: status and unveiling of first major project,
Jacques G. Verly (3D Guild, Belgium)

- 3D Stereo MEDIA: unveiling of a new component...,
Sylvain Grain (Producer & consultant, France)

- 3D Stereo MEDIA: launch of calls for contents, projects, and papers
Jacques G. Verly (University of Liège, Belgium)

2. 11:30 AM - 12:30 pm: NETWORKING RECEPTION


Program & schedule

The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program & schedule at any time.

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