VR cinema

3D Stereo MEDIA (3DSM) will feature the first VR cinema of Belgium.
If you have never experienced this recent concept, you owe it to yourself to come and find out what it is! For the few of you who had the chance to enjoy this new experience, you'll most likely discover 3D VR contents that you have not seen before.

The 3DSM VR cinema will be installed on the square between 3DSM's main venue - the Théâtre de Liège - and the University of Liège, in a temporary Pavilion with translucent walls. Passersby will be amazed to see people seated in swivel chairs and equipped with VR/audio headsets immersing them in joint 3D audio & 3D video nirvana. An experience not to be missed!

The detailed schedule will be available here soon.

Cinema VR

3D Stereo MEDIA becomes Stereopsia