CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the Best Pitch & Presentation Award!

  • 3D VR project: "Jailbirds"
    pitched by François Klein (Digital Rise, France) & Thomas Villepoux (Consortium-C, France)
  • Feature 3D project: "Hard Reset"
    pitched by David Bukstein (BUK Films, USA)



The NEW 3D Film Booster (3DFB) is designed to help independent producers that have projects for innovative 3D contents to give an impulse to these projects.

3DFB can help these producers to find financing and to reach their market and audience. Contents can be stereoscopic-3D films for Cinema or Virtual Reality (VR)!

3DFB is limited to a small number of participants to ensure personal coaching and strong interaction within the group of participants and coaches. 3DFB extend over three days and has the following two main phases.

First, through interactive lectures, participants get information deemed useful (1) for their projects, in particular the latest insights and trends about the 3D film industry & market, the VR revolution, and transmedia storytelling, and (2) for preparing their pitch to potential co-producers and investors.

Second, in light of the above, and in close interaction with the coaches, each participant improves his/her project, prepares a project presentation, and pitches it to a panel of potential co-producers and financiers. By pitching their project, participants have a chance to win the Best Project & Pitch Award.

We wish 3DFB to rapidly become known as the place in the world where holders of innovative 3D content projects in development can, at the end of the event, go home with the appropriate funding to complete their project.

3DFB is organized in collaboration with Sylvain Grain, a renowned 3D expert and award-winning producer.

Whom for?

Independent producers who have a 3D content project in development (film, VR,...) and who wish to give their projects impulses to get financing and to reach their market and audience.

When & where?

Welcome drink and ice-breaking evening on Monday, 12 December from 6.00 pm.
Conferences & coaching on 13-15 December at the Théâtre de Liège.

How to participate?

The 1st step is to submit one or more projects by the deadline. The booster is exclusively reserved to the holders of accepted projects. The number of participants is limited to about 10.


The submissions are now closed.

Here are the 13 selected projects, in alphabetical order:

  • Ashe / 3D Feature Film
    Andrea ter Avest Dahm (Kenya, The Netherlands)
  • Illicit Trade: Chinchorro Mummies / 3D VR Animated Documentary
    Diego Breit (Glaciar Films, Chile)
  • Hard Reset / 3D Feature Film
    David Bukstein (Hard Reset LLC., USA)
  • Jailbirds / 3D VR Series
    François Klein (Consortium-C, France)
  • Kosmic Journey / 3D VR Film,
    Marion Guth (a_Bahn, Luxembourg)

  • Le Beau Temps / 3D Feature Film
    Franck Saint-Cast (JMF Productions, France)
  • Le Sanctuaire Englouti / 3D Large Format Documentary
    Axel Clévenot (Armoni Productions, France)
  • Musketeers of the Tsar / 3D Animation Feature Film
    Paul-Boris Lobadowsky, Odile Gomart (ESt-Ouest Films, France)
  • Parallel Death / 3D VR Series
    Montserrat Puértolas (Kataclac, Spain)
  • The Embers of Borneo / VR3D Documentary Series
    Joanna (Aśka) Popińska (Tribe of Pan, Canada)
  • Quintessence / 3D Feature Film + 3D VR Series
    Joel Peck (Arthouse3D, USA)
  • Virus Tropical / 3D Animation Feature Film
    Nidia Santiago (Timbo Estudio, Colombia; Ikki Films, France)
  • Zweig's World / 3D VR Animated Documentary
    Michael Caranicolas (Unframe Cow, France)



  • Welcome drink (Monday, 12 December at 6.00 pm)
  • Presentation of your 3D content project to fellow participants and international coaches.
  • Master classes & workshops on 3D industry, 3D market, and latest trends - including 3D VR/AR, 360°, cinematic VR, and transmedia storytelling - through small-group, highly interactive classes and one-on-one contacts with coaches.
  • Pitch session to a jury of potential partners, co-producers, investors, and buyers, and compete for the Best Project & Pitch Award!
  • Socials: coffee & lunch breaks, networking events, and awards evening.

Program & schedule

The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program & schedule at any time.


Stay tuned for possible date changes below.


Key events & corresponding dates for 3DFB 2016

Issuance of Call for projects3 May 2016 (Tue)
Deadline for submitting projects30 September 2016 (Fri)
Notification of acceptance/rejection17 October 2016 (Mon)
3DFB (Liège, Belgium)12-15 December 2016 (Mon-Thu)
Networking evening13 December 2016 (Tue)
Awards evening (Liège, Belgium)15 December 2016 (Thu)



Looking back: 2015 edition

Congratulations to the winners of the Best Pitch Award!
« Iron Dogs » pitched by Dylan Pearce and Jaro Malanowski, from Avatar Media Inc.



The market was launched in 2011 under the sponsorship of the MEDIA Program of the European Commission, which provided partial financial support for the first two years. It was initially called the "3D Film Mart".

3D Stereo MEDIA becomes Stereopsia