The Professional conference (PCON) provides pertinent, time-critical, hot information on all facets of 3D. PCON emphasizes the present and near terms, but also keeps an eye on the mid and long terms. PCON is a dynamic succession of straight-to-the-point, solid, invited presentations by charismatic speakers. It covers the full gamut from science and technology through art and content. Many presentations feature stereoscopic-3D (S-3D) video (projected on a large screen) and/or immersive spatial-3D audio. The speakers are asked to explain the latest concepts in 3D in terms understandable by all.

Whom for?

For anyone interested in 3D, and, thus, for scientists, engineers, academics, researchers, inventors, artists, directors, producers, businessmen, investors, and 3D aficionados.

When & where?

On 15 December 2016 at Théâtre de Liège.

How to participate?

By making presentations and/or attending, which both imply registration.
Don't delay! Seating is limited.


Program & schedule

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You'll find here, starting in the late spring or early summer, the list of speakers with their photos, names, affiliations, and short bios.


Professor Bouchard holds the Canada Research Chair in Clinical Cyberpsychology and teaches cyberpsychology and psychotherapy at the Université du Québec en Outaouais. As a scientist-practitioner, his research shows an important preoccupation towards conducting both meaningful clinical applications of virtual reality (VR) and rigorous science. He is leading several randomized control trials on the efficacy of virtual environments he developed for anxiety disorders.


Jean-Marie Boulet is a French stereographer. He shot numerous shorts, documentaries, commercials, and long features in stereoscopic 3D. He works in France, China, Iran, and Africa. With French optician and stereographer Minh Hoang, he developed the MINHIRIG to offer cinematographers a new s3D equipment for shooting native 3D. With a weight of less than 4 lbs, the MINHIRIG, equipped with Blackmagic 4K cameras, is the smallest mirror rig 4K solution presently on the market.


Jim Chabin serves as President and CEO of the Advanced Imaging Society and the new VR Society. Based in Los Angeles, Mr. Chabin oversees the day-to-day operations of the Societies' worldwide activities. Jim is a past president of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, which annually produces the Primetime Emmy Awards in Hollywood. He has also served in executive positions at CBS Television and E! Entertainment Television.


Diane Jooris is the co-founder of Oncomfort, a health-tech company using 3D virtual reality systems to help patients by providing anxiety and pain self-management tools. Oncomfort offers a non-pharmacologic and more comfortable alternative to pain and anxiety management through the use of immersive VR modules providing evidence-based psychological interventions such as clinical hypnosis. Oncomfort is the winner and finalist of various medical prizes.


Sönke Kirchhof is founder of reallifefilm international GmbH. For more then a decade, he has worked in 3D stereoscopic filmmaking, VFX, CGI, postproduction, and technology R&D. He studied Political Sciences in Hamburg and Filmproduction in Babelsberg, both in Germany. He is member of FKTG and the 3D Guild. reallifefilm international GmbH was elected member of the Steering Board of the "Innovation Center for Immersive Imaging Technologies (3IT)" of the Fraunhofer HHI in Berlin.


Séverin Loock graduated in 2016 with a Master degree in Social, Organizational, and Work Psychology from the University of Liège, Belgium. He is currently conducting research on the experience of 3D movie spectators under the supervision of Prof. AS Nyssen and in collaboration with Prof. J. G. Verly, both from the University of Liège. This is in continuation of his Master's thesis.


Florian Maier is the founder and CEO of STEREOTEC, and an award-winning stereographer. He received 8 Lumiere Awards for Outstanding Achievement, and other international awards. He has been a pioneer in 3D since 1997 and has worked as a senior stereographer for features like JOURNEY TO CHINA, RETURN OF VIY, HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS, VICKY AND THE TREASURE OF THE GODS. He also supervised the STEREOTEC 3D System on Ang Lee’s BILLY LYNN’S LONG HALFTIME WALK from Sony Pictures.


Goran Stojmenovik has a PhD degree in Engineering Physics from Gent University, Belgium. He joined Barco in 2005. He is now Product Manager within Barco’s Projection division. He works on the introduction of laser projection in cinema and other Barco markets. Initially, he was responsible for professional LCD monitors. In 2011, he joined Barco Digital Cinema and worked on dedicated projectors for post-production and on remote service solutions for cinema (CineCare Web).


Céline Tricart is a virtual reality (VR) filmmaker and the founder of Lucid Dreams Productions, a production company specializing in new technologies and the future of storytelling. Her work was showcased in numerous Academy Awards festivals and she is the recipient of a Creative Arts Award by the Advanced Imaging Society amongst other accolades. Céline Tricart currently develops numerous projects in stereoscopic 3D as well as in VR.


Wilfried Van Baelen is CEO & founder of Auro Technologies. He invented the Auro-3D® Listening Formats; developed the concept of the “Auro Creative Tool Suite", offering ground-breaking, easy-to-use levels of sound reproduction capability in 3D; developed the first interactive modular studio complex, Galaxy Studios, housing the 3 Galaxy Group companies: Galaxy Studios (audio & post-production facility), Mollywood (film financing), and Zilvermeer Productions (production house).


Jacques G. Verly received an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Liège (ULg), Belgium. He then spent 5 years at Stanford University, where he got the MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering, and 20 years at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Since 2000, he has been a professor of EECS at the ULg. He is the Vice-Dean of the ULg School of Engineering. He is the instigator of 3D Stereo MEDIA. He has over 300 publications and 2 US patents. He is a Fellow of the BAEF.


Thomas Villepoux is a VR supervisor/stereographer and director. He graduated from the Louis Lumiere cinematography school, and studied stereoscopy with A. Derobe & Y. Pupulin. Award-winning stereographer for the feature "The builder's challenge" for ARTE, his filmography includes commercials, documentaries, IMAX projects, and live events. He co-founded RIG by DVmobile, which leads the French VR world and won several awards, and was Director of Vaudeville!, a first 360° comedy.


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Key events & corresponding dates for PCON 2016

Last day of early-bird registration fee20 November 2016 (Sun)
PCON (Liège, Belgium)15 December 2016 (Thu)
Awards evening (Liège, Belgium)15 December 2016 (Thu)




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